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Congregational Connection for March 3rd

Congregational Connection ALIVE! Prepares for Decreases in SNAP Benefits Thank you to DC News Now for highlighting how the end of additional pandemic era SNAP benefits could impact food insecurity in Alexandria. In the month of February alone we distributed food to more than 5,000 households. This demand for food [...]

February Volunteer Events with ALIVE!

Saturday, February 25th- ALIVE! 6th Annual Empty Bowls fundraising event is back! This wonderful event supports the work ALIVE! does to help people in need and includes an evening of entertainment, soups donated from local restaurants, and raffle prizes. Each participant will be taking home a hand-crafted bowl by a [...]

Alexandria Gazette Packet: Low-Income Families Struggle as Benefits End

  By Shirley Ruhe Thursday, January 19, 2023   It is almost the end of the month. The family’s plastic EBT card used for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) food assistance is empty. SNAP is a Federally funded program used to help families that meet income and residency requirements [...]

Congregational Connection for January 19th

Congregational Connection Honoring MLK's Legacy Through Service ALIVE! was founded when a group of faith leaders were inspired by the Poor People’s March on Washington organized by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. From their effort ALIVE! was formed, and for more than 50 years, generations of caring community members have [...]

Congregational Connection for December 27th

Congregational Connection Investing in our Community- Senate Federal Credit Union Thank you to the team at US Senate Federal Credit Union for making such a generous contribution to help ALIVE! in our mission to support our Alexandria neighbors in need. Financial contributions, make a huge impact on our ability to [...]

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