As an organization created to improve the lives of those in need in Alexandria, ALIVE! recognizes that our city and our country are the best versions of themselves when all members of the community are able to exercise their rights and freedoms without fear, are treated equally, and are not limited in their opportunities for self-determination.

To this end, ALIVE! has worked for more than 50 years to bring relief to those in need in Alexandria, relying on volunteers of every faith and race working together, to carry out its mission.

ALIVE! was created when members of congregations of different faiths and denominations across the city came together to address issues of poverty in Alexandria. Our organization’s history recalls that through faith, love and compassion – attributes all religions have in common – humankind is compelled by a higher power to provide for all human beings and see to their well-being and their basic human rights.

Consistent with this organizational history, and in the context of the current historical moment, we hereby align ourselves with those who decry the murders of black men and women at the hands of those charged to protect and serve, with those who oppose systemic racism, and with those who are angry about the state of race relations in our country and its overall direction.

We add our voice to those crying out around the country and around the world:

Black Lives Matter!

We encourage you to turn your anger and frustration into action, as action is needed for progress towards justice, and only with justice and equity will we really live in a Land of the Free. Action can be voting.

Action can be lobbying our representatives, particularly on behalf of those that are less fortunate or less able to do so. Action can be volunteering to help improve someone else’s life, giving them an opportunity to become self-reliant members of our community.

Use your anger in a meaningful way, for the good of us all.

Eric Winakur, President

Jennifer Ayers, Executive Director