Spring2ACTion is Alexandria’s Day of Giving. It is an online fundraiser for local nonprofits hosted by ACT for Alexandria. You can give to ALIVE! and other Alexandria nonprofits who are doing great work in the community. Spring2ACTion is April 28, and early giving starts April 14.

Help ALIVE! reach our goal of $80,000 at Spring2ACTion. 

Donate at www.spring2action.org/organizations/alive4alexandria

  • $50 Gas for food and delivery trucks 
  • $100 Monthly Internet at ALIVE! House for resident women and children 
  • $250 Bags of groceries to feed a family of 4 for 5 days 
  • $500 Rental assistance and eviction support to keep people in their homes 
  • $1,000 Food to fill half a truck 

Your donation will support all that ALIVE! does to meet the needs of the community.