Interviews ALIVE! about Providing the Basic Needs of People in Alexandria

Emil Ekvardt from interviewed ALIVE! as part of their ‘ Talks With…’ podcast. This series is an antidote to negative news stories that aims to shed light on organizations and experts whose work is making a positive impact on the world.

Food and basic necessities seem like an everyday thing that we take for granted, but some people do not have these basic needs. Having to worry about your next meal, anxious but whether you’ll have a roof over your head in the coming days, or not having any furniture in your home is a problem that no one should have to go through. In this episode, we talk with Jennifer Ayers and Eric Winakur from ALIVE! about providing these basic needs for families that are going through some rough times.

Services, Family Assistance, Food: Basic Needs Provided By ALIVE! 

Food security has always been a problem before the pandemic even in a country as developed as the US, and the pandemic has only magnified this issue further with people suddenly being out of work. Hundreds of families, as a result, have started to fall behind on rent, or simply do not have any money to have food on the table. Ayers and her organization, ALIVE!, believe that these families need a safety net; to help them keep their finances stable, the organization provides food for these beleaguered families that have been hit badly, financially speaking, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cora Kelly Elementary School: The Hub for ALIVE!

These days, ALIVE! is hosted by Cora Kelly Elementary school, where they have “truck to trunk” food distribution programs to help out those in need. This family assistance food program is helping families pull through in the pandemic. 

Listen to the whole interview to find out how you can be part of providing for our fellows in Alexandria. You can also visit ALIVE!’s website to learn more about our work, or you can also donate & volunteer is a philanthropic project working to fix the global climate crisis. They believe this is the largest problem facing mankind and know that it will take quick and creative action to solve it. Erik Bergman is the founder of, and he made his name by building one of the most successful businesses in the online casino industry. He’s taking all his gambling knowledge and experience and putting it into, which is designed to generate profit as a New Jersey online casino affiliate 100% of which will be donated to climate research.