We are encouraging ALIVE! member congregations to pack 150 bags each for distribution this fall and winter. Pick up bulk groceries from ALIVE!. Drop off packed bags of food to ALIVE! at the Bus Barn. Tag ALIVE! on social media with #ALIVEFallHarvest of your congregation members or households packing bags from home. ALIVE! can provide food, bags, gloves, and instructions for packing

Goal: Collect packed bags of food for ALIVE! distributions in fall and winter. 

Who: ALIVE! congregations and organizations in the City of Alexandria. 

When:  The Month of November. To schedule a pick up or drop off time, email Ann Patterson at apatterson@alive-inc.org or call (703) 518-5152

How to Participate:   Pack groceries. We encourage households to pack 150 bags each. Pick up cases of food for the number of bags your household can pack. When packing, maintain social distancing and wear gloves and face masks. Return your household’s packed bags in one delivery (food for 150 bags fills a mid-size sedan’s trunk and back seat).  Take pictures and post to ALIVE! social media with #ALIVEFallHarvest 

Facebook / Instagram @alive4alexandria

Twitter @ALIVE4AlexVA 

Volunteer: You must be able to lift, carry, and load cases of food weighing 25-45 pounds. Email volunteer@alive-inc.org or call (703) 548-9255 to volunteer. 

Donate: Packing bags not for you? Consider a financial contribution from you. One bag of food costs $6. Include your congregation’s name and #ALIVEFallHarvest 

WHY: We can distribute more food to people in need with the help of people power, while maintaining safety and health guidelines. Our member congregations are the backbone of ALIVE!. Through this project, members stay connected with each other and our shared community to meet the increased demands for emergency food in Alexandria. ALIVE! distributions are open to the public. At the last reporting period, ALIVE! distributed over 175,000 pounds of food in one month… that’s a lot of bags! Your help is crucial in getting food to people in need. 

Instructions for Bagging: ALIVE! can provide food, bags, gloves, and instructions for packing.  If your congregation wants to pack its own donated food (purchased and unexpired food only), see the list of recommended nutritious items. Have a variety of 10-14 different items, and pack 6 items per bag. Be sure to check expiration dates. For questions about food guidelines or purchasing, contact Ann Patterson at apatterson@alive-inc.org  Recommended items: 

  • Bag rice 1# 
  • Bag dry beans 1# 
  • Box mac & cheese, 7.25oz 
  • Canned vegetable, soup and fruit, 14-15oz 
  • Canned tuna and/or chicken 
  • Box/bag baking mix, 5-7oz